.Designs and plans of listeners and lurers, notions make kings over the fate of others. The other becomes a notional value, the perceived worth that a being might bring to a speculator: Certain features and characteristics, attributes and qualities to be bartered, counted, and marked on a staff.

There is a ratio attached to existence, a measure of expectation over productivity. Whether rich or poor, beggar or thief, the king holds his subjects in bondage, a debt against their cost. What is your cost? Your cost is the benefit you withdraw, for your own endeavors, against the hegemony of the king, In the vault, you act as a strawman, a speculated asset who’s soul and intentions are chattel to the one who holds the deed.

Within self, exists the origin of notion. This is the gift of intent. Each soul and natural person is shown the doorway to further their path. As one walks amid the percolation of life, they are ushered and cooed, wading through eddy and ebb of experiences. Intent, and our notions, guides us forward to a port and to leaders among us, whether for comfort or ally. Our notion gathers us, ascribing buoyancy and ease, calling currents to their destination.

Teach or learn, and the notions of others impress us. Notions become dreams and dreams become ideas. Our notions manifest and affect.

The moth flutters and catches our attention, a lazy flicker on a wayward path. Time is abandoned and our gaze wanders, viewing pathways in a breeze. The light is too perfect and the shimmer slows. Inhale, and the bird swoops and snaps the cord, spilling our intentions. Unless, in a glance, we know that this day our notions are privileged to wander and muse. Let intuition be a guide.

The notion to affect others is a peculiar burden, water in the hands, a load of odd bricks. Awake, and opportunity careens in the moment, releasing the moth tethered on a ribbon, fluttering to where another fate is unveiled, soaring through and unharmed, beyond a flock of birds.

“Passing, I had the notion to smile and such an array of outcomes did I incur.”

hegemony – an indirect form of imperial dominance in which the hegemon (leader state) rules sub-ordinate states by the implied means of power rather than direct military force; the cultural institutions of the hegemon establish and maintain the political annexation of the sub-ordinate peoples.

Jaap Maat, Philosophical Languages of the 17th Century “…a thing which is known without other intermediate notions can be considered to be primitive. A primitive notion is said to be conceived through itself.”

Gottfried Leibniz, Alphabeto Cogitationum Humanarum “The alphabet of human thought is a catalog of primitive notions, or those we cannot render clearer by any definitions.”

Rene Decartes, Meditations “For apart from the most general notions of being, number, duration, etc which apply to everything that we can conceive, we have only the notion of extension that is specifically for the body, and from that flow the notions of shape and movement; and for the soul on its own we have only the concept of thought, which includes perceptions of the understanding and inclinations of the will. Finally, for the body and soul together, we have only the concept of their union, on which depends the notion of the soul’s power to move the body and the body’s power to act on the soul by causing its sensations and passions.”


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